CUSHAG provides the C-CARD SCHEME in collaboration with the YMCA.

What is the C-Card scheme?

The C-Card Scheme provides FREE, quick, easy and confidential access to DUREX condoms and lubricant, as well as advice and help on sexual health and relationships for young people aged 13-25.
Yup, that’s right – FREE CONDOMS, LUBE & DENTAL DAMS every week!

When and where can I get a C-Card?

SHAG will be holding C-Card sessions every Wednesday, running from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm in the room 3D, 3rd Floor of the Students’ Union.
You can also find other collection points here:
Collection Point Map
Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages, or alternatively contact our C-Card Officer directly at the following address for more information:
[email protected]

Condoms and lube

What do I have to do?

Come and sign up for a C-Card! The first session consists of an informal talk with a trained assessor about general sexual health. Once the talk and paperwork have been done, a C-Card with condoms, lube and/or dental damns will be issued. You can then return to the Students’ Union, or your nearest collection point when you need some more.